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Kendel Ponchock
Kendel Ponchock is a senior at McCracken County High School and an avid supporter of the arts. She is Vice President of the McCracken County High School Drama Club, as well as an active member of the MCHS Theatre Department. She is a dog lover, fashion enthusiast, and has an ongoing teacup collection. There is little she loves more in this world than a good tortilla chip and guacamole. Kendel is ecstatic about being a new journalist for the Mustang Messenger and cannot wait to see her work published!
“I am more than excited about being a writer for The Mustang Messenger this year!  This class really means a lot to me because it’s a free space to create and write whatever we feel is important; it’s nice to have a time like that during the school day.  Creating the newspaper is a team effort and I take pride in being a member of this special group.”

For more of Kendel's articles, go see her blog here:

Kendel Ponchock, Messenger Reporter

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